Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to a world in which persons with disabilities fully exercise their rights. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities guides us. Persons with disabilities living in poverty are amongst the most excluded groups in society. They are at the centre of our work and they drive the change. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities guides us in our work.

Our history

Martien and Jenny Cozijnsen founded our organization as Dark & Light Blindcare on December 16, 1982. Martien was eye specialist, and loved travelling with his wife Jenny. During their journeys, they were moved by the conditions children with visual impairments lived in: begging alongside the streets, without opportunities to live a dignified life. These experiences ‘lighted the fire’ for the start of Dark & Light Blindcare. ‘We had to do something,’ said Martien. And so, the Dark & Light Blindcare foundation came into being. Showing the love of Christ through concrete action was the main driver for Martien and Jennny to start our organisation. The text of Matthew 25:40: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for Me’ reflected for Martien and Jenny perfectly the reason why they initiated Dark & Light, and remained the basis for the work of our organisation until today.

Since 2012, we became part of the Light for the World family, and carried the name Light for the World Netherlands until 1 January 2021. In these years, we have achieved a lot together. It enabled us to enlarge our impact for people with disabilities. We are grateful for the support and collaboration over the previous years. Now, we are approaching a new phase. In the coming years SeeYou will focus on the development of comprehensive programs in Africa and Asia, wherein we work on equal access to (eye)health, education, work and income for people with disabilities. Based on Christian values. With strong and strategic partnerships with CSO’s and DPO’s in the South, and development organisations in the Netherlands. Closely connected to our constituency in the Netherlands.

Christian identity

Our story of inclusion is a story of faith. Jesus presented a different view of how life, relationships and society could be. He said He came so that everyone might have a full life. His example motivates us to live and love at the edges and to find potential for transformation in the toughest situations. The unconditional love Jesus demonstrated sets the standard we aspire to today. This gives us a glimpse of how things could be and motivates us to work for justice for all, so everyone might experience a full life, with no-one left behind. Love drives us to serve all people in need, regardless of race, gender, age, religion or social status.

In the lead

We engage in empowering persons with disabilities to take development in their own hands. Together with stakeholders, we work to develop future-proof, positive change that benefits society as a whole. Thankfully there are many courageous people who share our concerns, dreams and ambitions. We find them in every layer of society and bring them together. Based on the principle of including everybody, we work together to develop interventions, strategies and methods that realise inclusive society for all.

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Connecting people and catalysing social change

We operate in the space between our donor constituency in the Netherlands, our beneficiaries and target groups, organizations and systems. In this space we strive to overcome all barriers in society and create access for people with disabilities. We are committed to improving eye health and promoting inclusive education, community-based rehabilitation, disability rights, livelihood and disability inclusion. We pay specific attention to women with disabilities, children with disabilities and more excluded impairment groups within the disability community.

Using our research and education, CSI catalyses social change across the social purpose ecosystem. We catalyse change by amplifying the voices of those we serve, translating knowledge into action through accessible and applicable data, tools, guides and resources; and connecting people, exchanging ideas and working with others to lead change. Our engagement aims to reach across traditional divides to facilitate collaborations across the social purpose ecosystem with government, donors, development organizations, business, organization and representation of person with disability.