Annual report

Each year SeeYou publishes an annual report in which we show our achievements in the past year in regards to (eye) care, education and employment. To read our annual report, click here.


We expect everyone who represents SeeYou Foundation to comply with international law and to uphold the highest standards of integrity. Our integrity policy includes our Code of Conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy and procedures on anti-fraud and corruption, complaints and whistleblowing.

In addition to our own integrity policy, we expect partner organizations we work with to have their own integrity policy and to act accordingly. Partner organizations are also questioned by SeeYou Foundation on their own integrity policy.


How can I report unacceptable behavior?
Unacceptable behavior cannot be completely prevented. Therefore it is important that the people involved experience a culture in which they can submit a report (confidentially) knowing it will be handled with utmost care. Anyone who has come into contact with unacceptable behavior in the context of his or her involvement with SeeYou Foundation can report this in the following way:

Whistleblower procedure

A situation may arise in which someone is forced to report a (suspicion of) abuse as a whistleblower. The whistleblower procedure describes how the whistleblower can report abuse if internal procedures offer insufficient room for it. This concerns suspicions of work-related abuses that have major (social) consequences and that take place under the responsibility of SeeYou Foundation.

Financial Compliance

SeeYou Foundation complies with several requirements of tax authorities in both the Netherlands and countries where we have registered offices. In the Netherlands, we comply with ANBI, Erkend Goed Doel and with the accounting principles for charities in the Netherlands (RJ650). Our quality management system complies with the norm of ISO 9001:2018 which is audited by an external auditor. Also, see tab ‘Our Quality Management’.

SeeYou Foundation has several policies and procedures to manage its finances. This includes an anti-fraud and -corruption policy (part of our Integrity Policy), a procurement policy and a finance manual. 

ISO Certificate

SeeYou Foundation has a quality management system that is certified with ISO 9001:2015. This confirms that our quality management is fit for purpose. We are also proud to have been awarded the additional Partos 9001:2015 standard certification. The Partos standard concerns the use of the quality system geared particularly to the development sector. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization (

Public Benefit Organization (ANBI)

SeeYou Foundation is qualified as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI in Dutch). An organization can only be a PBO if its organization’s efforts are almost entirely committed to the public benefit. PBOs are offered a number of tax advantages:

  • A PBO does not pay Dutch inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances.
  • A PBO does not pay Dutch gift tax on gifts that the organization awards to the public benefit.
  • Natural and legal persons who donate to a PBO can deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.

CBF-Erkend Goed Doel

SeeYou Foundation is recognized as a charity by the Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF). This means that you can trust that the organization has been closely reviewed on generally accepted standards for charities in the Netherlands. These standards refer to subjects like governance, board remuneration, reporting on achieved results and finances, and the quality of its systems and procedures.