2022. A year that we look back on full of gratitude. With our annual report, we give you a glimpse into our hearts. Together we are SeeYou. People with and without a disability, see and hear one another, and give each other a voice. Everyone matters! Because we believe that every person is precious.

Financial results

Thanks to the contributions of funds, governments and donors we could make a difference in thousands of human lives. Here you find a short explanation of the most important financial results. Over 87% of our costs were spent on our objective. In total, we spend over 3.2 million on our projects in our project countries. Of the total costs, 84.4% was spent on the objective.

An annual report full of special stories

In this annual report, you will find a lot of information. About the results of our projects. About the organization and the evaluation of our work. And about our financial spending. Matters for which we are happy to be accountable to you. Although, this information is not the most important information. The personal stories of beneficiaries form the core of our work. That is why you will also read about people in our annual report. Do you want to take a look at our annual report?