This training toolkit is created for disability inclusion advisors & facilitators who want to build the capacity of stakeholders involved in promoting inclusive health care. The toolkit includes training modules for:   

  • Health centre management 
  • Focal persons for disability inclusion 
  • Health centre Staff/ medical staff 
  • Community health workers  

The training toolbox contains different elements:  

  1. Introduction & how to use the toolkit  
  2. Training needs & programme outlines for different stakeholders
  3. Training module library with a detailed description of the training sessions
  4. Resources

How to use it

You can pick and choose the modules & tools that are relevant to your target audience and design your own training programme that meets the needs in the context that you are working on.

How it was developed

The training is based on existing disability inclusive development training materials of SeeYou Foundation. These training modules have been made specific for health care settings. This manual has not yet been field tested. Please share your experiences and suggestions with

Available versions

The trainer’s Toolkit is available in an English PDF version. There is also an accompanying manual for training participants.

How to download it?

Click on the link below to download the Training Toolkit Inclusive Health For Disability Inclusion Advisors.